• Two Hearing Aids


    Patients sometimes ask why we recommend two hearing instruments rather than one. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, you are most likely a candidate for two hearing aids.

    Similar to the way eye sight problems in both eyes are treated with a pair of glasses, it makes sense that bilateral hearing loss should be treated with binaural hearing aids. While a hearing healthcare provider can best determine if you are a candidate for two instruments, the ultimate decision is yours.

    Consider these important advantages of a binaural (two ear) fitting:

    ■ A more natural, “stereo sound” and an overall balanced feeling

    ■ Improved ability to identify the direction of the sound, which is crucial for safety

    ■ Hearing is less tiring and listening is more pleasant

    ■ Increased ability to understand speech in normal conditions and noisy situations

    ■ Less volume needed, which reduces the interference of background noise and the chance of feedback

    ■ Keeps both ears active, reducing the chance of the unaided ear losing its ability to hear or understand

    ■ Greater comfort when loud noises occur

    ■ Smoother tone quality and improved clarity

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