• Testimonials

  • Went in to Discount Hearing Aids for a hearing test at a family member’s request because they kept having to repeat things. I thought I might have a slight hearing loss but nothing major. I was wrong! It was worse than I expected. I needed two hearing aids. It was a pleasure to do business with this company. The owner, his name was Charley Balyozian, patiently answered all my many questions, explained the exam, the various types of hearing aids, and was so helpful. I now have two hearing aids. They are barely noticeable but make a world of difference. The process was so easy and the hearing aids are great quality and at an affordable price! I had a great experience and have recommended Discount Hearing Aids to my friends.

    Debbie D

  • Charlie was great! He came to my father’s house and fit him with hearing aids. His prices were much better than anyone else and he came to the house. Would not hesitate to recommend him to my relatives and friends.

    Richard S

  • This is the second time I went to Charles Balyozian in the past two years, I should of taken his advice back 2009 to be fitted for hearing aids. Well, I just went to see him today and I am being fitted with a set of hearing aids for the first time. Let me say this, Mr. Balyozian is a credit to his profession, he will do everything possible to help me regain my hearing, though he also was truthful and said my hearing will not be total regained but that I will hear and understand words and sounds that I have been missing for quite some time. You have to appreciate this man and his dedication to help improve my quality of life.

    Stephen B